Why Morocco?

Booking flights, lesson plans, busy days, chaotic days, stressful days, cleaning, packing, and boarding our plane.

The last two weeks of our first year in Morocco were such a blur. Before we knew it we found ourselves at JFK airport in New York. We’ve gotten pretty used to the passport control routine and we had our last connecting flight to catch back to Chicago. It didn’t take long before we realized that the big “X” on Tom’s passport meant that we weren’t getting off easy. That big black “X” meant that we got sent to a special room with national security officers where we were told to wait for our name to be called. Almost two hours later we emerged cleared for safety and we continued on our way to grab our luggage and catch that last flight.

Through all the questioning of US National Security– one big question stood out. It’s a question that has been asked to us time and time again since we’ve been back in America. “Why Morocco?” Why did we pick a Muslim country in North Africa to call home?  How did we end up here and where will we go next? It’s a place I think that is just so foreign. Some days, for us, it still feels that way. While other days we find our groove and it feels like home. The media has instilled this fear of Muslim people in the states. I can’t tell you how far from the truth the media portrays actual real life. Especially our life in Morocco. As Tom told the national security officer we moved to Morocco initially — “…because there were beaches, mountains, sahara desert” but Morocco is also so much more than it’s stunning landscape. Morocco has such a fascinating culture, passionate people, and age old traditions. The mystery of it intrigued us there initially. As we currently enjoy our summer back in America I can’t help but wonder what the next year will be like. Will we settle more into our life in Morocco? Will we feel ready to move on? Some days when it’s hard we definitely ask ourselves “Why Morocco?” but I’m so glad we said yes to Morocco.

 Korea was our first stop. Morocco was next. I just have a feeling that it won’t be the last.



  1. Beka Johnson says:

    I’m glad you chose Morocco! I know it was hard but I know you have grown so much through it! Cheers to those “M” countries.