Enduring the worst. Appreciating the best.

As we are about to embark on a big adventure from the top of Africa where we currently call home in Morocco to the very bottom of this vast continent (South Africa!) I can’t help but reflect on the past 14 months that we’ve rested our heads here in Morocco. It’s been the highest of highs and the very lowest of lows. There have been times I have looked at our luggage in the closet and our belongings and wondered how fast I could pack it all up and we could get to the airport to catch the next flight out. I never ever thought we would finish our two years here- but here we are 3/4 done with our current obligation.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions and sometimes (we still) after a tough day come back and just lick our wounds. Through it all I am so sure that we are here for a reason and one that was about as clear as mud to us in the beginning. This quote nails it on the head for us– “If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization.” and we’ve begun to see more clearly as time has gone on that we needed to be the light in such a dark place. I went through the spectrum of emotions when faced with our daily reality- first I was sad, then frustration quickly set in, then anger, acceptance that we were going to finish what we set out to do, and now I’m at the stage where even though we still have lots hard work remaining– I see a very bright light at the end of what has seemed like a never ending tunnel of deep dark blackness.

Sometimes you have to stand on a pile of trash, dog poop, broken glass, and rocks to get the best view of the ocean.

Sometimes you take chances and then fall flat on your face. and it sucks.

Sometimes you climb a mountain and it physically hurts but you get the most beautiful views from the top.

Sometimes you have to endure the worst so you can appreciate the very best.

Sometimes the tunnel you’re walking is so dark. SO very dark. Sometimes you turn around and trace your steps back out cause’ darkness is freaking difficult to navigate in– but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you keep walking because you know (but sometimes hate that) this is where you need to be. You endure, hope, pray, hold on. When you finally see that glimmer of light– you hang on and you take off towards it. Cause that light is just going to keep getting brighter as you get closer. 😉

View during my hike up Mt. Toubkal, Morocco.


  1. I love reading your journey. 🙂
    This one reminds me of the poem, Footprints.
    (It also reminds me of the saying, “That light at the end of the tunnel… it’s an oncoming train.” But we’ll ignore that one for the moment. 😛 )