It takes a village.

We’ve all heard the phrase “it takes a village” when it comes to raising babies. It doesn’t take long to open and scroll on Instagram or Facebook to see pictures of a group of girls & their babes laughing and loving life together. I always envisioned having a life group where our house had an open door policy, food was always on the grill, and kids were running in our yard. I envisioned  catching up and laughing with new friends. I always envisioned watching other kiddos so that their parents could have a date night and vice versa. I envisioned our husbands going to play basketball together and us chasing the littles around the gym. I pictured later teaching them to play ball themselves. I envisioned hang outs, play dates, mommy groups, coffee dates, and praying together. You get the picture. I envisioned truly doing life with those around me. How often though, is what we envision, really our truth? How often do we kick and scream in the discomfort only to later see that God really did have his hand in it all along?

Our life has never been what I thought it would be. We have been blessed to explore more than 30 countries in this beautiful world. I have walked and slept among the hill tribe Hmong people in the most gorgeous Vietnam countryside, I have visited Sumatran Indonesia where even though struck by a devastating Tsunami years ago were just some of the most kind and genuinely happy people in the world. I have sat just below wild orangutang’s in the Malaysian Borneo rainforest. I have swam among Whale sharks in the Philippines, danced in a Fijian village, skied the Swiss Alps, camped under the Saharan stars, lived (survived) in Africa, toured Europe, and the list goes on and on and on. How on earth could I feel down about not having a “village” like Instagram shows me I NEED??? Why can’t I simply appreciate all we’ve been given and all we have experienced?

What if my “village” is our friends here in Mexico (hayyy Taylor and Jessie!)  who don’t yet have kids of their own or aren’t married yet that offer to watch Tori so Tom and I can have a date night once a month? What if my “village” is sweet little old Lupita who bagged and carried my groceries out to my car expecting nothing when I was trying to tame the fussy baby in my arms? What if my “village” is my friend Beka who continually voice texts me encouraging me to fix my eyes on Him? What if my “village” is the Californian woman and her too sweet college son who saw I was traveling alone with my eight week old to Mexico and carried my bags across the airport to my gate in Dallas for me? What if my “village” is my husband- who works outside the home so I don’t have to miss a single moment with my sweet daughter who is growing before my eyes.

What if the lord is using this time to refine, to strengthen, to rely, to trust, to persevere, to see the beauty in the small, to reveal? What if I stopped scrolling and instead listened? What if instead of being restless I was just…still?

Sometimes our “village” looks different. Sometimes our life is nothing like what we imagined and what if instead of waiting and hoping for what we thought our village might be we realized that we’ve got everything we need. just right where we are. <3


  1. I love this! I know community isn’t what you imagined but I know God is growing you right where you are at, even when it always isn’t easy. And I’m glad we are Voxer friends =).